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I help leaders recruit, get recruited, and retain and maintain those opportunities with hospitality in mind.

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Catarina’s charismatic personality will energize you to not only recruit talent but recruit yourself every day. Recruiting yourself is the professional self-care we have all been neglecting. Catarina provides attendees with the tools to “show up” for themselves and their work. She inspires leaders to utilize the art of hospitality to spark new and long-lasting motivational light.

Meet Catarina Matias


Catarina Matias’ expertise comes from her tenure in the hospitality industry.  Catarina is a proud Pennsylvania State University Alumni, where she received her BS in Hospitality Management and Minor in Business.  Her tenure with the hospitality industry started with Hershey Entertainment, and most recently continued with Hotels Unlimited.  She oversaw daily operations for each of the hotels in their portfolio, including a combination of full and select service properties with brands such as Marriott, Hilton and IHG. Additionally, she was responsible for the devising of new business strategies, including recruitment, hiring, training, mentoring and development of all property level management personnel, and was involved in corporate compliance and budgetary reviews.  A member of the International Society of Business Leaders, in 2019 Catarina was chosen as one of Hotel Management’s 30 Under 30 top rising stars in the hotel industry.  A respected voice in the hospitality industry, Catarina exudes all the qualities of a polished professional.

Talk Topics


Recruit, Retain, Release


How to find the talent, keep the talent, and what it means to release that talent back into the workforce.

Recruit Yourself

A talk designed to help you make your big break, find your calling, or just go after what you want by letting it find you. Ditch the job ads, burn the classifieds, and be your own recruiter.


Yours in Hospitality


Hospitality plays a major role in our personal and professional lives. Every day, hospitality fuels the world. Whether you interact with customers or clients, understanding the benefits of hospitality will set any leader or company a cut above the rest.



Catarina is able to communicate effectively with her audience. She comes across with conviction and authority by mastering the topics that she speaks about.  Catarina always delivers her message in a smooth and articulate manner.

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